Welcome to HJV Equipment, Canada’s leading provider of specialized agricultural equipment. Specializing in the Fendt tractor series from 200 to 1000 Vario, we serve a broad region including Middlesex, Huron, Perth, Simcoe County, and the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, as well as the entire Prince Edward Island. Discover the unmatched quality and performance of Fendt tractors at HJV Equipment.

Experience the Smooth Drive with Fendt Vario Transmission

Fendt tractors are not just about reaching your destination but enjoying the journey. The Vario transmission offers unparalleled smoothness, eliminating the need for gear shifts and ensuring consistent performance. Whether it’s the versatile Fendt 200 Vario for narrow paths or the powerful Fendt 1000 Vario for demanding operations, HJV Equipment has the perfect model to meet your farming needs. Visit us today and find your ideal tractor.

Explore our Fendt Tractor Lineup

Our extensive Fendt tractor lineup includes models ranging from 94 to 517 HP, designed to tackle any agricultural challenge. From the compact Fendt 200 Vario series, ideal for vineyards, to the robust Fendt 1000 Vario series for heavy-duty farming, each tractor is engineered for efficiency, comfort, and performance. Explore the complete range at HJV Equipment and choose the tractor that best suits your farming operations.

From 396-517HP

From 296-415HP

From 203-303 HP

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Fendt’s Legacy in Farming

Fendt’s commitment to innovation and quality has been evident since their first Dieselross tractor. Renowned for reliability and efficiency, Fendt tractors continue to set the standard in the agricultural industry. Whether you’re considering an iconic model or the latest innovation, Fendt’s dedication to excellence ensures an optimal driving experience and superior performance.